Amish Farmboy Roots

My childhood and teen years were spent working on my parents farm. They had adopted many of the traditions and dress codes of the Amish and Mennonite  communities. A television  was not allowed in the home so watching movies was out of the question. My parents adhered to many strict rules pertaining to various aspects of life. Drinking, swearing, and listening to music was not allowed unless it was accapela worship music. Dating was forbidden as was touching someone of the opposite sex outside of marriage.  I was homeschooleded all my academic years as my parents did their best to shelter me from any outside influences. I was barely ever allowed off the farm and if I was it was with one of my parents to run an errand in town or working on a construction site with my father. Besides that, I was restricted to the farm. 

Detroit Male Stripper

After leaving the Amish/Mennonite community at the age of 21, I began to explore life and society without any rules or restrictions. I began to expose myself to the current music and movie trends. I met the girl of my dreams and eloped with her and the 2 of us moved to the metro Detroit area to experience the city life. We became active in the bar scene and eventually both of us became erotic dancers/performers...basically we were both strippers. 

Detroit to Las Vegas

After spending a few fast paced years in the entertainment industry in Detroit, we decided to pack our bags and move to Las Vegas as we continue to pursue our passions and talents. Most would think we moved to Las Vegas to party. In reality, we we looking to chase bigger dreams, travel more and use our artistic and creative talents to sustain ourselves.